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I don’t know John Green, however I like the way he thinks!

John Green

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6 Qualities of Content That Gets Socially Shared and Goes Viral

Getting your ideas out there is important for all of us. It’s also part of a successful career strategy. Good post. #EAV #EmpireAve #empireavenue #richardtonsend #orglearn #careersuccess

Discover Your Personal Brand


“Look at your social media, and see if the message about your greatest assets comes through.” 

 Discover Your Personal Brand.

Some very good advice.

Empire Avenue – my healers and teachers – gather here

The quality of life is governed by the people you meet and then choose to associate with!

Empire Avenue – my healers and teachers – gather here.

A simple game of friends and foes. Then of course it is just like any other community.

Announcing EAV Blog-a-thon July 25-27 & Share-a-thon with voting August 1-3

Social Media, Empire Avenue and Your Career

Even more reasons to join Empire Avenue #EmpireAve. A sound grasp of social media is an essential part of today’s career success formula.

Empire Avenue’s Summer of Fun Festival

Empire Avenue a great social media experience. Connect, learn and expand your influence. #EAV #empireavenue #EmpireAve. Have some fun!