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The Ability To Gift The EAV Leader Package Is Now Available!

Great new opportunity at Empire Avenue.

The Ability To Gift The EAV Leader Package Is Now Available!.

Help a friend and grow the network.

Thank you Empire Avenue Community!

A really great way to connect!

Empirical Leanings

eavleaders_badge If you are on Empire Avenue you may have noticed some rather major changes on the platform. And yes I’m being pretty understated. Let me see if I can summarize…

Empire Avenue is a platform of social media influencers, marketers, enthusiasts and creatives. Using Empire Avenue’s Missions and Social Stocks game, you can truly grow both your social audience and your social engagement. The core of the product lies in a couple of virtual currencies: one an in-game currency and one a rewards points system that you can convert to Amazon gift cards (as an example) for helping spread content to your social networks.

I’ve been proud to serve this amazing product, company, team and Community over the past 4 years and more but we all knew a change was needed. While I remain on the Board of Directors, I have resigned as CEO. However, while we will continue looking…

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