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What’s Left of You on the Web When You’re Gone?

Richard Ian Selby Townsend: So Where Do We Go When We Die Something worth considering. A happy topic 🙂

What is Success and How Do You Grab It

“What is Success and How to Have It?” Something we all desire! #success #orglearn

Building Your Reputation Through Social Media


Social Media Activity today is pretty well a must for those that want to stand out from the crowd. Sure Facebook is great or keeping in touch with loved ones and Twitter is great to put your daily pearls of wisdom out. Now there is a greater dynamic at work that you can capitalize on and that is to use your social media activities to broaden your contacts in the areas you are interested in. Google’s circles have got us all closer to being able to filter unwanted information as you can group those that you follow (circle) into various interest groups.

The real reason for this post however is to introduce you to a fun way to increase your online presence and that’s a sight called Empire Avenue. I started with it about a month ago with the idea of just being involved in a fun share market style game where people buy and sell shares in each other either as an individual or as a corporate entity. its easy t get caught up in the trading and seeing if you can build your hypothetical value and wealth. Its great fun and I guess entertainment.

More impoertantly thuogh its a place to meet people some of who a notible entities in their own right and many will help and support you both inside and outside the game, Thety will endorse your blpogs G+1 your site and like you on Facebook. This is valueable networking SEO SEM and Social Media exposure.

If you would like to take a look its free and here is an invitation INVITE TO EMPIRE AVENUE

Cover Letter, Career Advice and How To Write A Resume

Cover Letter, Career Advice and How To Write A Resume

New information regarding how and what to emphasize in your employment cover letter has been added to orglearn and new resume examples and information has also been added to the site. There is now additional career advice on management in the form of a series of short lessons/articles. The user interface has been further resourced with more tips on how to write a resume and useability has been expanded in that you can now join the resume form site and submit questions or make comments.



Is it… rĂ©sumĂ©, resumĂ© or resume?

Update now, use the free blank resume (résumé or resumé) form, fill in the blank sections by editing/personalizing the sample statements. Spell it as you wish however you really need to do it.

…or you may wish to visit

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