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Resume Tip Four – Use the ‘Right’ Words

A well written ‘generic’ resume is a great start however when applying for a job interview you must use the appropriate words and statements. So how how do you find out which words will get the attention of your reader. This is easy… just use as many words and statements, in your introduction, from their ad as you can. Example if they say they are looking for a ‘hard working team player that enjoys a personal challenge’ you use “team player”, “hardworking” and “likes a personal challenge” in your statements about yourself.

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Resume Tip Three – The First Ten Words

The first ten words will grab the interest of your reader and they will only read on if what you write is powerful and related to their specific job requirements. Look at the employers ad and think about what they want and make your opening statement a bit like a good news headline.

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Resume Tip Two – No “I”, “me” or “my”

Write your resume almost as if you are writing about another person, it will present better to the reader.

example: An experienced executive who impresses customers, colleagues and suppliers. (the ‘I am’ is assumed however never written)

Sounds better than… I am an experienced executive that impresses my customers, my colleagues etc… sounds like boasting!

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Resume Tip One – Format

Three pages maximum using the following format:



Functional Skills/Competencies

Scope of Positions Held

Career Highlights/Awards

Employment History


Personal Data

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