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Winning During Periods of Change – by rictownsend of orglearn

Change Part 4 -“ Strategies to Win During Change by Ric

Problem Implementing Change – Resistance

Change part 3: Reasons for Resistance » > < rictownsend #change #resistance #management

Direct link Change part 3: Reasons for Resistance  Can’t cope with change at your place you may need this… resume example


The Fear of Change Part 2.

#Change (part 2), The Biggest Risk, Non-Involvement Through FEAR by Ric

Change Through

New blog post on “change” part 1, more to come! quick resistance test to try on your staff.

Resisting Change and Career Advice – Competence

Posted a new blog entry on Change… 1st of a series at RESISTANCE TO CHANGE

Also put up a new web page Career Tips – Tweets on Competence

Redesigning my website as I’ve been resiting a change for too long… hope my competence matches my vision.



Why you should say no and what happens when you dont!

Why saying NO is so important from >> << What can happen when you should jut say "no thanks" but don't. A quick story how our reluctance to say no can destroy our credibility and reflect badly on our brand. By Ric Townsend

Saying No… Why You Must

Why saying NO is so important from > < What can happen when you should but don’t.

Sense of Urgency

Career Success & the Need for a Sense of Urgency fom http://www Direct link > < A lesson in service & maintaining our reputation.