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Empire Avenue Beginners Guide

Social Media and Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue Beginners Guide.

An excellent beginners Guide!


How Important is Your Avatar

Well lets be honest, most people remember the pic more than the name. So as I’ve said elsewhere your “image” should be the same across all social media platforms. I read the other day somewhere that it was also unwise to use a logo… the “guru” called those that did that “logo heads” and advised against the practice. The recommendation is that you use a professional pic of yourself.

See the pics / avatars below and then pick the one you like the best and worst. 

Now there are some very nice avatars here however can I suggest you avoid group or couple photos, logos, animals, your lovely children and cartoons. Social means person to person so you are best to present yourself as an individual!.

Social Media and How to present yourself:

Make it a clear, friendly face shot and something you wouldn’t mind a potential employer or investor seeing! Don’t point, be holding a beer, be looking down at the camera or be looking smug or aloof !

Ric Townsend Social Media Consultant

Social Media Experts – At What Time?

It amazes me that nobody running Social Media events takes the time to list the times worldwide. Its an old adage in sales “make it easy to buy”. So take the trouble to list the times and dates of the event worldwide, unless you are just interested in attracting locals. A free tip from Ric. Social Media Consultant and Sales Trainer http:.://