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Career – Looking After Your Online Reputation


I am currently involved with a website that is primarily a stock market type game where players buy shares in each others tickers. The game is designed to allow people to meet other people with similar interests. The obvious follow on is that if you find others that share your passion for a particular topic you may attract more attention to what you are saying on various social media accounts.

From a career perspective if you use social media to present your expertise in a particular area, this activity can enhance your image to the public and potential (or current) employers alike.

Unfortunately some get sucked into the numbers game and see their success purely on how many shares or likes they get for their content. Again from a career perspective being seen as a spammer will not do you anything but harm and many employers do check your on-line activity.

The game I mentioned above provides a great study for what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Some players have set up blocks of accounts that operate outside the spirit of the site and have destroyed their once sound reputation. So when thinking about how you act on the web remember how you are perceived by others is just as important as who you really are. If there is an apparent mismatch others will judge you harshly.

So my advice again from a career point of view is to present good quality information and even though it may not go viral it still may we be found by a prospective employer when you are next seeking a job.

Richard Townsend



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