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A Great Thought

I don’t know John Green, however I like the way he thinks!

John Green

Ric orglearn


6 Qualities of Content That Gets Socially Shared and Goes Viral

Getting your ideas out there is important for all of us. It’s also part of a successful career strategy. Good post. #EAV #EmpireAve #empireavenue #richardtonsend #orglearn #careersuccess

Empire Kred

Who doesn’t like shares and retweets? They’re addictive, they spread the word about your brand or website and they’re free promotion. But unfortunately, they aren’t very easy to get, especially given how crowded and noisy the web has become. Even as you read this, hundreds of posts are being published and thousands of updates are being posted on your favorite social media channels and you are probably going to miss out on most of them (that doesn’t mean you should close this and go back to your social streams).

The point I am trying to make is that getting your content promoted on social media has gotten tougher, especially the free aspect of it. Gone are the days when you could put up something interesting and you’d get tons of engagement on it. Now you really need to invest time and effort into making a return. But all is still not…

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Discover Your Personal Brand


“Look at your social media, and see if the message about your greatest assets comes through.” 

 Discover Your Personal Brand.

Some very good advice.

Announcing EAV Blog-a-thon July 25-27 & Share-a-thon with voting August 1-3

Social Media, Empire Avenue and Your Career

Even more reasons to join Empire Avenue #EmpireAve. A sound grasp of social media is an essential part of today’s career success formula.

Empire Kred


Up to 20 million eaves in individual prizes and giveaways! Total to be given away/won 100,000,000 eaves!!!

You don’t have to be a blogger to join in the fun. Help your favorite blogs by sharing on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and more! Special prizes for active sharers and influencers, as well! (And watch for news about how you can use the events to share other content, too.)  


1. You must be the author.  

2. No duplicate entries will be considered.

3. Blog entries should include discussion of one or more of the following themes:

a) EAV missions give you the ability to achieve greater reach for the ‘dollar’ (eaves) and a greater audience for your content.

b) EAV’s detailed analytics, gives you a fun and easy way to spot what’s working – and what’s not.  

c)  EAV helps you connect with social media leaders…

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Empire Avenue’s Summer of Fun Festival

Empire Avenue a great social media experience. Connect, learn and expand your influence. #EAV #empireavenue #EmpireAve. Have some fun!

Empire Kred

Ready for a summer of fun? #EAvLeaders is working with Leader teams and Empire Avenue communities to present fun events this weekend — and every weekend — all summer long! Watch this page for details:

Three ways to get involved:
1) Participate in each event. Look for missions, participate in buying events, and more.
2) Volunteer to help EAvLeaders Fun&Games plan upcoming events
3) Belong to another community or team? Propose an event for the second half of the summer.

All events are organized BY players, FOR players.

This is a great time to invite your friends to join — newbies will get a boost each and every weekend for six straight weeks. (And, if they join this week, they’ll be off Fresh Face status BEFORE [X]PendaPalooza! Spread the word!

June 13-16
#FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event
EAv Gangstas

June 21-22
Sir Rudiger’s Cracking the Nut of…

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Career – Looking After Your Online Reputation


I am currently involved with a website that is primarily a stock market type game where players buy shares in each others tickers. The game is designed to allow people to meet other people with similar interests. The obvious follow on is that if you find others that share your passion for a particular topic you may attract more attention to what you are saying on various social media accounts.

From a career perspective if you use social media to present your expertise in a particular area, this activity can enhance your image to the public and potential (or current) employers alike.

Unfortunately some get sucked into the numbers game and see their success purely on how many shares or likes they get for their content. Again from a career perspective being seen as a spammer will not do you anything but harm and many employers do check your on-line activity.

The game I mentioned above provides a great study for what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Some players have set up blocks of accounts that operate outside the spirit of the site and have destroyed their once sound reputation. So when thinking about how you act on the web remember how you are perceived by others is just as important as who you really are. If there is an apparent mismatch others will judge you harshly.

So my advice again from a career point of view is to present good quality information and even though it may not go viral it still may we be found by a prospective employer when you are next seeking a job.

Richard Townsend



We are Empire Avenue

A great place to build your social media expertise and reputation. #EAV

Empire Kred

Empire Avenue is an international social networking site run  by the members and much much more , let our members explain .

Empire Avenue to me has always been part-social network, part-business network, part game, part social medial analytics, and part social media TRAINING.  Empire Avenue teaches one how to best utilize their social media networks and provides you with a WORLDWIDE network of the most talented business owners, developers, designers, entreprenuers, writers, muscians, hackers, coders, bloggers, programmers, ever.
Empire Avenue is a “game based on real world social media interaction” which means “you can compete against other players or your own record” which gives you “daily motivation to improve your engagement.”
Empire Avenue offers “detailed analytics”, which means “you can measure social media engagement by network “which gives you a “fun and easy way to spot what’s working – and what’s not.”

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