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Resume Tip Seven – Be Concise

Limit the more detailed information regarding your work history to what is pertinent to the job you are applying for – short is sweet.

The most important information (from the potential employer’s point of view) must come very early on in your resume. 

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Resume Tip Six – General Presentation

Use ‘formal’ language and short crisp well structured sentences – easy to read absorb.

Use subheadings – they help the overworked hiring manger find what he/she is looking for quickly.

Use simple and clear typefaces – I think “Arial” is great.

Do not use jargon or abbreviations, check the spelling at least three times…. and have someone check your grammar.

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Write an Interview Getting Resume

Welcome to all about resumes, more information can be found at blank resume forms – www.orglearn.org. New tips will be posted here each week! It’s been a long time starting as Ric was in Beijing and restricted by the famous “great firewall of China”… free at last!