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Social Media – Present Yourself Well

Tips on improving how you present yourself on social media! #socialmedia

Social Media Experts – At What Time?

It amazes me that nobody running Social Media events takes the time to list the times worldwide. Its an old adage in sales “make it easy to buy”. So take the trouble to list the times and dates of the event worldwide, unless you are just interested in attracting locals. A free tip from Ric. Social Media Consultant and Sales Trainer http:.://

Hiring – Getting the Best Candidate

How to Hire the Best Candidate > < #Management Thought for the Week #career #success

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The greatest strength of mankind is the unstoppable ability to adapt. This unique human-asset is often not utilized in organisations. This is a striking fact, because in a society that changes in a ongoing fast pace,  innovation and adaptability are skills that separate the profitable companies from the losing companies. Therefore, companies that want to be around in 2015 need to ‘humanize’ their business.

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Many of us have had periods in our work history when we were not employed. That might be due to going back to school, raising children, illness or job loss. While it might not seem like an issue from the job-seeker’s perspective, it can send up red flags to employers. Gaps in your employment history without explanation make potential employers question those periods before having the chance to meet you.

Here’s how to handle an employment lapse:

Avoid Gaps Altogether. If you aren’t in a paid position, you can certainly find creative ways to fill that time and make it more appealing to future employers. For example, an internshipor volunteer work can both help boost your resume; learning new skills can as well.

“Show how you put your time to good use,” says Patrick Sweeney, president of the management consulting firm Caliper. “Examples could be learning more about…

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Finding Managers

orglearn – Management Thought for the Week: Finding Effective Managers!

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People love to give advice. While it’s useful to hear what others think, sometimes they give off-target or foolish guidance. Here are a few ways to increase your odds of getting good input:  
  • Target your requests.  Don’t ask whoever is available.  Create a list of people who have access to relevant resources, information, and experience on your problem and approach them first. 
  • Frame your question.  Figure out what you need before asking for input.  Know what information would be useful to hear and help explore gaps in your thinking. 
  • Redirect the conversation.  If the person offering advice jumps to erroneous conclusions, redirect them.  Most people will not be offended when politely refocused. 

Adapted from  “When the Help You Get Isn’t Helpful” by Ron Ashkenas.  

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orglearn – Management Thought for the Week: Delegation and Career Success Part 3

Personal Branding the What and How