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I don’t know John Green, however I like the way he thinks!

John Green

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6 Qualities of Content That Gets Socially Shared and Goes Viral

Getting your ideas out there is important for all of us. It’s also part of a successful career strategy. Good post. #EAV #EmpireAve #empireavenue #richardtonsend #orglearn #careersuccess

Discover Your Personal Brand


“Look at your social media, and see if the message about your greatest assets comes through.” 

 Discover Your Personal Brand.

Some very good advice.

Empire Avenue – my healers and teachers – gather here

The quality of life is governed by the people you meet and then choose to associate with!

Empire Avenue – my healers and teachers – gather here.

A simple game of friends and foes. Then of course it is just like any other community.

Announcing EAV Blog-a-thon July 25-27 & Share-a-thon with voting August 1-3

Social Media, Empire Avenue and Your Career

Even more reasons to join Empire Avenue #EmpireAve. A sound grasp of social media is an essential part of today’s career success formula.

Empire Avenue’s Summer of Fun Festival

Empire Avenue a great social media experience. Connect, learn and expand your influence. #EAV #empireavenue #EmpireAve. Have some fun!

Career – Looking After Your Online Reputation


I am currently involved with a website that is primarily a stock market type game where players buy shares in each others tickers. The game is designed to allow people to meet other people with similar interests. The obvious follow on is that if you find others that share your passion for a particular topic you may attract more attention to what you are saying on various social media accounts.

From a career perspective if you use social media to present your expertise in a particular area, this activity can enhance your image to the public and potential (or current) employers alike.

Unfortunately some get sucked into the numbers game and see their success purely on how many shares or likes they get for their content. Again from a career perspective being seen as a spammer will not do you anything but harm and many employers do check your on-line activity.

The game I mentioned above provides a great study for what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Some players have set up blocks of accounts that operate outside the spirit of the site and have destroyed their once sound reputation. So when thinking about how you act on the web remember how you are perceived by others is just as important as who you really are. If there is an apparent mismatch others will judge you harshly.

So my advice again from a career point of view is to present good quality information and even though it may not go viral it still may we be found by a prospective employer when you are next seeking a job.

Richard Townsend



Empire Avenue Beginners Guide

Social Media and Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue Beginners Guide.

An excellent beginners Guide!


We are Empire Avenue

A great place to build your social media expertise and reputation. #EAV

Thank you Empire Avenue Community!

A really great way to connect!

Empirical Leanings

eavleaders_badge If you are on Empire Avenue you may have noticed some rather major changes on the platform. And yes I’m being pretty understated. Let me see if I can summarize…

Empire Avenue is a platform of social media influencers, marketers, enthusiasts and creatives. Using Empire Avenue’s Missions and Social Stocks game, you can truly grow both your social audience and your social engagement. The core of the product lies in a couple of virtual currencies: one an in-game currency and one a rewards points system that you can convert to Amazon gift cards (as an example) for helping spread content to your social networks.

I’ve been proud to serve this amazing product, company, team and Community over the past 4 years and more but we all knew a change was needed. While I remain on the Board of Directors, I have resigned as CEO. However, while we will continue looking…

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rictownsend (@rictownsend on Twitter) was nominated for a Shorty Award

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See who voted for rictownsend in the 5th Annual Shorty Awards, the awards for the best of social media.

rictownsend‘s insight:

Currently 4th in #australia

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rictownsend (@rictownsend on Twitter) was nominated for a Shorty Award

See on Scoop.itorglearn Career Success rictownsend

See who voted for rictownsend in the 5th Annual Shorty Awards, the awards for the best of social media.

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Cperky's Blog

It is a truism that people want to believe in causes greater than themselves. That belief is central to the nature of purpose and its role in organizational intention, and even in the way we focus.

It is also true for leadership. Followers want to believe that their leader stands for something and, to an extent, might be better than anyone else at the job. Such conviction defines the reason followers defer willingly to leaders.

It comes down to doing well by doing good. In doing so, leaders provide followers with an example of purposeful and principled living. People not only want to follow such leaders but also do so with great enthusiasm.

Adapted from  John Baldoni

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How Important is Your Avatar

Well lets be honest, most people remember the pic more than the name. So as I’ve said elsewhere your “image” should be the same across all social media platforms. I read the other day somewhere that it was also unwise to use a logo… the “guru” called those that did that “logo heads” and advised against the practice. The recommendation is that you use a professional pic of yourself.

See the pics / avatars below and then pick the one you like the best and worst. 

Now there are some very nice avatars here however can I suggest you avoid group or couple photos, logos, animals, your lovely children and cartoons. Social means person to person so you are best to present yourself as an individual!.

Social Media and How to present yourself:

Make it a clear, friendly face shot and something you wouldn’t mind a potential employer or investor seeing! Don’t point, be holding a beer, be looking down at the camera or be looking smug or aloof !

Ric Townsend Social Media Consultant

Empire Avenue for Social Media “Rocket Fuel”


If you are not yet a member, use this link and we will both get free “eaves”! Give it a try!

So What Do You Think!

Be All You Can Be & Greatness A new twist? #orglearn #careersuccess



Seeing as I have lived the extreme version of religion and have turned my brain over to its leader’s to validate and direct (for a time) and then mustered up the courage to leave (stay tuned for the memoir), I have something to say regarding the differences between spirituality and religion. And they are most definitely not the same thing.

Here is a bit of what I have learned and five indications your spirituality could be in danger:

1. If you think filling a religious to do list will make you happy and/or more spiritual.

Your religious to-do lists could benefit your life, but they also have the potential for stress and anxiety. If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, instead of genuinely enjoying the task at hand, your spirituality is compromised.

Lists can help us achieve goals and fulfill dreams; but only when our ‘doing’ is…

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#Management Thought for the Week: The Bird That Didn’t Fly South For The Winter #careersuccess #orglearn

5 Top Social Media Success Rules – – #social #media #success

5 ‘Rules’ for Successful Social Media Operation by Ric #socialmedia #social #media

Accuracy and attention to detail still counts!

Q. As a candidate for a new job, I need to complete applications and submit resumes. Why do I need to do both, and how accurate do they need to be? I have been working for many years. Some titles, dates and other information might be approximates. Do you see any issues?

A. Issues galore! The accuracy, or inaccuracy, of resume or application information has derailed many careers, some privately and others with great public discussion.

Who is responsible for the veracity of information and materials you provide about yourself? The same way candidates now have to say “I am so and so and I approved this message” – job seekers need to recognize that they are responsible for every bit of data they provide over the years about themselves. Excuses about resume errors like a typo by an administrative person, or a change by a search firm are not…

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Rotary and Management Training… orglearn… rictownsend

Social Media – Present Yourself Well

Tips on improving how you present yourself on social media! #socialmedia

Social Media Experts – At What Time?

It amazes me that nobody running Social Media events takes the time to list the times worldwide. Its an old adage in sales “make it easy to buy”. So take the trouble to list the times and dates of the event worldwide, unless you are just interested in attracting locals. A free tip from Ric. Social Media Consultant and Sales Trainer http:.://

Hiring – Getting the Best Candidate

How to Hire the Best Candidate > < #Management Thought for the Week #career #success

great information!


The greatest strength of mankind is the unstoppable ability to adapt. This unique human-asset is often not utilized in organisations. This is a striking fact, because in a society that changes in a ongoing fast pace,  innovation and adaptability are skills that separate the profitable companies from the losing companies. Therefore, companies that want to be around in 2015 need to ‘humanize’ their business.

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Excellent Advice!

Many of us have had periods in our work history when we were not employed. That might be due to going back to school, raising children, illness or job loss. While it might not seem like an issue from the job-seeker’s perspective, it can send up red flags to employers. Gaps in your employment history without explanation make potential employers question those periods before having the chance to meet you.

Here’s how to handle an employment lapse:

Avoid Gaps Altogether. If you aren’t in a paid position, you can certainly find creative ways to fill that time and make it more appealing to future employers. For example, an internshipor volunteer work can both help boost your resume; learning new skills can as well.

“Show how you put your time to good use,” says Patrick Sweeney, president of the management consulting firm Caliper. “Examples could be learning more about…

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Finding Managers

orglearn – Management Thought for the Week: Finding Effective Managers!

Excellent advice!

Cperky's Blog

People love to give advice. While it’s useful to hear what others think, sometimes they give off-target or foolish guidance. Here are a few ways to increase your odds of getting good input:  
  • Target your requests.  Don’t ask whoever is available.  Create a list of people who have access to relevant resources, information, and experience on your problem and approach them first. 
  • Frame your question.  Figure out what you need before asking for input.  Know what information would be useful to hear and help explore gaps in your thinking. 
  • Redirect the conversation.  If the person offering advice jumps to erroneous conclusions, redirect them.  Most people will not be offended when politely refocused. 

Adapted from  “When the Help You Get Isn’t Helpful” by Ron Ashkenas.  

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orglearn – Management Thought for the Week: Delegation and Career Success Part 3

Personal Branding the What and How

orglearn – Management Thought for the Week: Delegation and Career Success Part 2

Delegation ‘problems’ and #Career #Success >> << #management

Richard Ian Selby Townsend: 20 Rules of Delegation

Three Management Gurus Explain Management Still relevant or perhaps even more so?

How to Stay Motivated or is it inspired?

Is your resume or career likely to be destroyed by a negative social media image?

#Social #Media as Your Resume and Testimony by Ric #career #success

Management: Don’t Forget The Real Work by Ric

Good #Management is Ok Successful is Better #career