Is it… résumé, resumé or resume?

Update now, use the free blank resume (résumé or resumé) form, fill in the blank sections by editing/personalizing the sample statements. Spell it as you wish however you really need to do it.

…or you may wish to visit

Orglearn Management Tips Articles and Free Resume Templates Resume Examples Main Index

What managers need to do & the issues to consider in the soft skills area of your role. Articles on behaviour, motivation, selling skills, competence development, teamwork & leadership. Free resume template/form and examples, write your resume to see how you are progressing with the commercial realities of what you have to offer employers.

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2 responses to “Is it… résumé, resumé or resume?”

  1. edjenkins22 says :

    This is an outdated blog

    • rictownsend says :

      Well thank you Ed or Kris, no not really out dated perhaps, just a different perspective, then again unlike your site/blog I’m not charging as your organization seems to be as per the quote from your website:

      “Product Number SR0002 – Early Career Resume – $225 AUD”

      I am not sure if you meant to say the content was outdated or the whole “blog” is outdated. Maybe you mean I am outdated. If you would like to offer something that you see as a little more up to date I would be happy to post it under your name.


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